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A Steel Heart – Book Review

steel heart


This book is a standalone, but be on the lookout for interconnected characters.

Five seconds.

A deafening blast. Pain. Silence.

That was all it took for an IED to end my life as I knew it. The man I was shattered in a hard wave of sound and debris that rained down on me like death itself.

And six months later, after waking up to an inescapable hell, I found myself wishing that death had found me.

Until her.

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Throwback Thursday: The Light in Summer – Book Review

a light in summer


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Mary McNear brings you home to Butternut Lake and a novel filled with irresistible characters who you will want to call your friends.

It’s summertime on Butternut Lake, where the heat of noon is soothed by the cool breezes of the evening, where the pace grows slower, and sometimes, just sometimes, the summer light makes everything clearer…

For the lovely Billy Harper, Butternut Lake is the place she feels most at home, even though lately she feels the only one listening to her is Murphy…her faithful Labrador Retriever. Her teenage son, Luke, has gone from precious to precocious practically overnight. Her friends are wrapped up in their own lives, and Luke’s father, Wesley, disappeared before his son was even born. No wonder she prefers to spend time with a good book, especially ones where everything ends in perfection.

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Snowbound With An Heiress – Book Review

snowbound with an heiress


The title of this book is a little bit misleading, but possibly Snowbound With A Star was already taken.  Serena Winston is a major movie star taking time out at a secret hideaway in the Austrian Alps to deal with the aftermath of a bad break-up. It’s just her bad luck that the stranger she rescues after a car crash happens to be Jackson Bennett, host of a major morning television show.

Jackson doesn’t recognize Serena out of her movie makeup and costumes, but he knows the shy beauty is hiding something. He displays some fairly decent behaviour in making a conscious choice not to dig for it, though when he accidentally uncovers her true identity he does have a few moments of being very self-centred and making it All About Him where I wanted to roll my eyes. To his credit, he gets over himself pretty quickly and understands why Serena chose not to enlighten him.

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The Thing with Feathers – Book Review

the thing with feathers



Book Title: The Thing with Feathers
Book Author: McCall Hoyle
Page Count: 304
Publishing Date: September 5th, 2017
Publisher: Blink
Date Read: September 18th, 2017
Source: I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review – Thank you!


Emilie Day believes in playing it safe: she’s homeschooled, her best friend is her seizure dog, and she’s probably the only girl on the Outer Banks of North Carolina who can’t swim.

Then Emilie’s mom enrolls her in public school, and Emilie goes from studying at home in her pj’s to halls full of strangers. To make matters worse, Emilie is paired with starting point guard Chatham York for a major research project on Emily Dickinson. She should be ecstatic when Chatham shows interest, but she has a problem. She hasn’t told anyone about her epilepsy.

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The Dishonorable Miss DeLancey – Book Review

dishonorable miss delancey



Will a damaged reputation and desire for society’s approval thwart the legacy of grace?

Tainted by scandal and forced to leave London for the quieter Brighton countryside, the Honorable Miss Clara DeLancey is a shadow of her former society self. She’s lost the man she loved to another and, in a culture that has no patience for self-pity, is struggling with depression. A chance encounter brings her a healing friendship with the sisters of an injured naval captain. But Clara’s society mama is appalled at the new company she’s keeping.

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No Greater Hell – Book Review

no greater hell



Author: Jerrie Alexander
Publisher: Jerrie Alexander
Release Date: May 2016
Book 4 of Lost and Found, Inc.
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Mystery
Source: The Romance Review via the Author


His past is better left forgotten…

Former Army helicopter pilot Jake Donovan is lucky to be alive. At least that’s what his team of neurosurgeons said. But he knows differently. Jake’s crimes almost cost Holly Hoffman her life, and even though he can’t remember, the pain in her eyes is something he’ll never forget.

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Third Son’s a Charm – Book Review

third sons a charm


Living with a learning disability is pretty tough in the modern world. Back in the Regency era, it must have been absolute hell.

Ewan Mostyn is the third son of an Earl, and he has what today we’d call a fairly severe case of dyslexia. Words are just meaningless dancing symbols on the page for him, and he’s spent most of his life being ridiculed for ‘stupidity’ because of his illiteracy. Finally finding a home in a unit of crack soldiers, only twelve of whom survived the Napoleonic Wars, once he has returned to England he is somewhat at a loss as to where he fits in society.

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Bargain Book of the Week – Love At The Ocean Breeze


This series highlights inexpensive, free, or discounted books to give you, dear reader, the most options on what to read.


Sweet romance meets spine-tingling suspense in this next book in the Hawaii Billionaire Series by bestselling authors Jennifer Youngblood & Sandra Poole.

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The Regency Brides Collection – Book Review

regency brides



I didn’t realize, when I picked this up for review, that it was published by an evangelical Christian publisher (Barbour Books). Their mission statement is ‘to publish and distribute inspirational products offering exceptional value and biblical encouragement to the masses’.

Now, there is a huge market out there for Christian romance. That audience… generally does not include me. While I was raised a Protestant, and I do still believe in God, organized religion isn’t something I care for.

Nonetheless, I’m no quitter and I resolved to give this anthology a go. There are many ways in which one can express faith without being heavy-handed and that’s what I was looking for here; a romance where two people who share a common faith find love and comfort in each other. Some of the stories did that much better than others, and consequently I’ve decided to write a quick individual review with star rating for each.

First Comes Marriage by Amanda Barratt

A hasty marriage between a young girl compromised by a rake and a young man ordered into it by his father is an inauspicious beginning, especially when the reluctant bridegroom immediately goes to sea with his Navy ship for three years. When he comes back, he has found God and is determined to make a go of his marriage.

To be honest, this was one of my least favourite stories in the book. We never did find out exactly how the hero ‘found God’ and at the first sign of a challenge to his authority, he reverted back to being extremely dislikable. I struggled to warm to him, and Charity was a little bit too good to be true. I’m rating this one three stars.


Masquerade Melody by Angela Bell

This was a gentle, heartwarming story about a young lady living in reduced circumstances after the death of her father forced her into service to her bossy cousin as a companion and chaperone. Adelaide reminded me of a caged bird, desperate to be free with her music, and Colonel Glenmire was a perfect hero for her even if the romance in the story didn’t really become apparent until the very end. Sweetly charming. Five stars.


Three Little Matchmakers by Susanne Dietze

Caroline Dempsey meets her childhood friend Henry, the Earl of Marsden, once again, but this time she is nothing more than the governess for three orphaned children placed into his care. There were hints at abuse in Henry’s past which have conditioned him to guard his emotions, and watching his walls come down as Caroline and the children determinedly loved him was rather charming. There were some hilarious escapades – one particular one involving a sheep in the ballroom had me laughing out loud. A hardened heart has no chance with three determined plot moppets on the case. Five stars.


The Gentleman Smuggler’s Lady

If you like Poldark, you’ll enjoy this one set on the rugged Cornish coast with smugglers and excise men aplenty. While nicely written, I quibbled with a few things such as Helen’s becoming engaged immediately after her father’s death with no mourning period, and the fact that there was no real resolution with the invisible antagonist of the plot. Enjoyable but probably needed to be about double the length. Four stars.


When I Saw His Face by Nancy Moser

A widow in her forties receives a proposal from an eligible bachelor once her stepdaughter marries and moves away, but meeting a handsome stranger makes her rethink her wishes for the future.

Anyone who reads my reviews knows that I’m not a fan of either insta-love OR love triangles, and this story featured both. Honestly I couldn’t get through it fast enough, and I had to go back to it to refresh my memory when writing this review. Two stars.


The Highwayman’s Bargain by MaryLu Tyndall

Kidnapped on the way to her own wedding, Sophia is shocked to find that the highwayman who took her is her childhood sweetheart, Nash, who tells her some unpalatable truths about her future husband.

Now, I liked Sophia well enough. She was doing what she felt she had to do for her family, and was truly caught between a rock and a hard place. Nash behaved like the worst kind of (censored) (bleeping) MAN, asking her to make the biggest call of her life without any information or reassurances from him whatsoever. I genuinely wanted her to push him off the cliff at the end. Two stars.


Jamie Ever After by Erica Vetsch

Absolutely my favourite story in the bunch, this was a really strong one to end on. William, the Earl of Beckenham, has returned from war with serious scars to a fiancee who immediately cried off their marriage. Convinced no woman would ever want him, when his sister asks him to offer marriage to her best friend, in danger from a determined rake, William does so… only to finally discover that the woman who can see past his scars has been right under his nose all along.

There’s nothing better than a scarred hero and the feisty heroine who sees the real man beneath. I adored this one. Five stars.


Overall I can only say that this was a very uneven collection. Depending on personal taste, you’ll probably find at least one story in here which hits the spot for you, but I honestly doubt that anyone would really enjoy all of them, even if Christian romance is your preferred genre. For an averaged rating, I’m giving it four stars.

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Guest review contributed by Caitlyn LynchWant an honest reviewer? You’ve got it. Caitlyn tells it like it is in her book reviews.