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Strange Sex at the Ponygirl Ranch
Strange Sex at the Ponygirl Ranch
Veterinarian delves into mysteries, discovering kinky secrets at lesbian ponygirl ranch.

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Doctor Krista McDonald knows she needs to leave the lesbian ponygirl ranch from hell as soon as possible, ideally days ago, but there is a mystery at Mason Ranch. The lead Mistress at the ranch, Dixie Mason, is hiding something from Krista. What is it? In order to keep Krista occupied and out of the way, Dixie has sent Krista repeatedly into the aggressive lesbian clutches of her Native American business partners in ponygirl training and racing.
Krista feels like she has worked hard – or has been worked hard – for the right to learn Dixie’s secret. She is chomping at the bit to know what it is. Or is there some other reason she keeps delaying leaving the ranch and keeps literally wearing bits in her mouth as she certifies ponygirl gear?
Unknown to Krista, the three lovely young women who are applicants to work for her at her veterinary practice when she opens it, are still at the ranch. They were given a tour of the ranch and their tour was extended indefinitely! They are down at the stables and Krista decides to sneak down to the stables to discover Dixie’s secret.
What are the dominant ranch women up to with Ivy, Veronica, and Mackensie? How do the young ladies feel about it? You know, not counting the orgasms….
How will Krista react when she discovers the innocent young women who wanted to work for her are engaged in extreme not-innocent sex at the stables?
Can Krista do something to help them if she learns their wicked predicament?
Oh-oh, what if Dixie is also at the stables?
Intense sex, weird and bizarre and arousing!

Published: January 30, 2024
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