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Shadows And Light
Shadows And Light
As Laura's art rises, a dark art world secret tests her and her feelings for RCMP Sergeant Neil McKenzie.

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Fate introduced Laura Baker to Neil McKenzie when the RCMP Officer had to inform Laura that her husband had died in a traffic accident – but suddenly a widow was only her first test…Slowly as the months pass and Laura manages to emerge from the shadow of her ambitious late husband into the light of recognition for her own submerged talent – Laura has her new direction under control except for her feelings for the RCMP Sergeant who burst into her life. Neil McKenzie’s growing importance has created a new fear making her reluctant to risk another devastating loss…However when Laura’s art gains unexpected international recognition and she discovers a dark element to the world of art – Fate once again steps in to redefine ‘risk’…

Published: January 12, 2024
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