Featured Books

Lust and Basketball (1)

Lust and Basketball

Love on the court, passion off – a game-changer for two hearts.

Passion Lane (1)

Passion Lane

Unlock desires, break norms, and elevate passion for ultimate fulfillment.

Forbidden Knight (1)

Forbidden Knight

Kenzie’s covert skills clash with Vin’s forbidden love in espionage.

Before the Dawn (2)

Before the Dawn

Frank’s simple life transforms with a vampire’s secret embrace.

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Love in Fine Print

Broken bones, fake marriage, and a golden retriever play cupid.

Rhapsody in Dreams (1080 X 1350)

Rhapsody in Dreams

Love echoes through lifetimes, music intertwining souls in Rhapsody of Dreams.

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Holiday Star

Spicy romance sizzles as a doctor and a movie star collide.

Sassing Saul (1080 X 1350)

Sassing Saul

Annie, the Grim Reaper, faces an alien warlord’s possessive pursuit.

Doctor Krista McDonald Versus Crazy Maisie (1)

Doctor Krista McDonald Versus Crazy Maisie

Amidst the seductive whispers of Mason Ranch, Dr. Krista McDonald’s resistance wavers, caught between forbidden desires and the alluring danger of Crazy Maisie’s plotting.


Found In Misty Falls

In the heart of Misty Falls, Violet clutched the ring, its ancient whispers promising magic, yet its icy touch hinting at a darkness she couldn’t yet fathom.