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Little White Lies


This series highlights cheap, free, or discounted books to give you, dear reader, the most options on what to read.

Little White Lies

Reduced from $3.99 to $0.99.

When attorney Madalyn Russell dumps her fiancé at the altar, she temporarily escapes the scrutiny of her friends and family on her honeymoon cruise. Too bad she forgot she is assigned to dine at the “newlywed” table on the fully booked cruise. Goodbye exquisite cuisine, hello standard buffet fare. Nothing will tempt her to enter that lion’s den. Or so she thinks.

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It Ends With Us – Book Review

It Ends With Us


5 stars

I strongly recommend you to read the book before reading this review. There are no major spoilers, but I think the full impact of this story is received only if you enter it unaware of what to expect. However, if you do choose to read on, I’ve marked the spoilers out.
It Ends With Us is told in a very interesting style, alternating between past and present via medium of the main character, Lily’s diary.

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Cheap Book of the Week – MLD

The Book Review Directory

Major Lord David

This series highlights cheap, free, or discounted books to give you, dear reader, the most options on what to read.

Major Lord David

Reduced from $2.99 to $0.99.

Decades of war with France are over and Napoleon Bonaparte is safely confined on Elba. Yet Major Lord David Trent finds his homecoming far from peaceful. His father, the Duke of Braughton, is determined to see his son wed, and he has a very specific bride in mind his neighbor’s daughter. David cannot recall that the neighbor even has a daughter, much less one he might find appealing!

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Angelfall – Book Review



Overall: 5 out of 5 stars!


This has been my favorite YA novel so far of this year. Susan Ee is an absolute genius when it comes to writing YA Dystopian/Urban Fantasy novels.  I can’t even wait to read the next book in the series and I won’t be able to contain my excitement when it do.

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Ugly Love – Book Review

Ugly Love


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Genre: Adult | Contemporary Romance | Grief
Motivation: May Buddy Read
Read Count:
August 5th, 2014
324 pages
My shelves:)
Average Rating: stars
My Rating: 2 Kisses

I don’t really know how to review this book due to my mixed feelings. Maybe it was being it was my first Colleen Hoover book, and I was expecting a lot from the dubbed “Queen of Romance”. Ugly Love was completely unexpected for me. This was not what I was expecting AT ALL. AT ALL AT ALL AT ALL. ***Light spoilers***

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#Jerk – Book Review



#Jerk by Kat T. Masen on January 1st 1970

He was that boy in the playground. The one that pulled your pigtails. The one that lifted your dress in front of the entire school. Now he’s that guy in the office. The one that steals your lunch from the fridge. The one that gets away with everything. I’m sure you know him. Everyone knows that guy. He’s a #JERK.

Presley Malone knew her relationship with her fiancé, Jason, had run its course. The second that ring came off her finger, she didn’t expect to be the pawn in an immature game played by the office jerk. His name is Haden Cooper, and he is six years younger than her. Immature and irresponsible, getting drunk and stoned every weekend like he never left college. He rode a motorcycle, carrying a different girl each week. He was everything a jerk should be—insensitive, unreliable, and most importantly, a heartbreaker.

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Cheap Book of the Week – The Bargain

The Book Review Directory

The Bargain

This series highlights cheap, free, or discounted books to give you, dear reader, the most options on what to read.

The Bargain

Discounted from $3.99 to $0.99.

Tomboy Shannon Mahoney has always been a lot more comfortable with power tools than high heels or lipstick, and she wishes she could reinvent herself and finally tell her perfect boss, Drew Kingston, she has had a crush on him since high school. But she is just as tongue-tied and awkward around him now as she ever was, and long-familiar patterns are hard things from which to break free . . .

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