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Working It Out – Book Review



Working It Out by Rachael Anderson

This is another enjoyable read from Rachael Anderson. Based on the
books I have read so far by this author, she does not disappoint. It
goes to show that one can write an excellent romance story without a whole lot of smut.

I enjoyed reading about the supporting characters. I especially loved
Grace’s brother Alex. I liked the way he eventually learned to
overcome his hang-ups about being physically challenged. In doing so he was able to cease all that life had to offer.

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Miss Hollywood – Book Review



Miss Hollywood by Marie Garner

Miss Hollywood is about two insecure people who find what they need in each other.

Clare is Hollywood’s It girl, but she is not as well put together as
she appears.  Alex has made mistakes and he owns them all.  He is also Clare’s best friend’s brother.  When they are thrown together,
feelings arise and attraction burns.

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Soulless – Book Review



Soulless by T.M. Frazier

This is the book four in the King series, and part two of Lawless.

Bear grew up a soilder in the Beach Bastards Motorcycle Club, it was his birthright. He’s seen and done things for the sake of the club that are unconscionable. So imagine what he is willing to do to save the woman who holds his heart.

“I am not a son. I do not have a father. I am a soldier in the army of the lawless, and I am nothing more.”

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Idol – Book Review



Idol (VIP #1) by Kristen Callihan

I don’t know why I’m surprised since the last time I read a Kristen
Callihan book I loved it, but I didn’t expect to fall this hard for
Idol, the first book in her VIP series. The thing is, I didn’t only
fall in love with the two main characters… I want more of the world Kristen created and all the characters in it.

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By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept – Book Review

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By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept

Synopsis: One day, while browsing in a London bookshop, Elizabeth Smart chanced upon a slim volume of poetry by George Barker – and fell passionately in love with him through the printed word. Eventually they communicated directly and, as a result of Barker’s impoverished circumstances, Elizabeth Smart flew both him and his wife from Japan, where he was teaching, to join her in the United States.

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