MMA Bad Boy

In the dim light of a hotel room, our secrets intertwined as fiercely as our bodies, but dawn threatened to expose the lie that could tear us apart.

He thinks I’m his PR professional, and I’ll let him think that for now. But one thing leads to another… 

I just want to honor my dad’s memory and do something he’d be proud of.

Becoming a PR assistant for an MMA fight club is my ticket into my late father’s past.

I never thought I’d be mistaken for The Jenson Finn’s PR professional.

We talk – and flirt – and one thing leads to another. We wind up in a room together and he gives me the hottest night I’ve ever had…

Until he learns about my lie the next morning.

I’m surprised he doesn’t fire me on the spot.

But things are just starting to heat up between us. We’re going to be working closely together. Between a hotel mix-up, the explosive chemistry between us, and my need to challenge him at every turn… things get interesting.

In the heart-pounding world of MMA and high-stakes passion, the ultimate victory lies in each other’s arms.

ARR Staff
ARR Staff

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