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Love On A Checklist
Love On A Checklist
As Kelsey's heart raced, she approached Olivia with a checklist in hand, only for fate to intervene once more in the form of a misplaced step and a spilled coffee.

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Kelsey Peterson has one goal. To talk to Olivia Pritchard, the most beautiful woman she has ever seen. There’s only one problem with the plan! Kelsey is useless with women. So useless, in fact, that she tends to cause accidental bodily harm to herself when in the vicinity of an attractive female. Take her first meeting with Olivia, for example. Kelsey’s face meeting a pole because she was staring. Is she a lost cause?Well, Kelsey doesn’t think so. All she needs is a step-by-step method to reach her goals. Then she should be able to have at least a conversation with Olivia, right?As with all well-planned ideas, it goes to pot almost immediately. Still, Kelsey is nothing but persistent and positive. All she has to do is follow her checklist. Easy peasy!

Published: January 9, 2024
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