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All Romance Reads is a book review website solely about romance book reviews. The website won’t have reviews that I write but will house reviews from other book review blogs. The featured book reviews will rotate between the contributors.

Take a mall, for example. A mall doesn’t sell anything, but it houses vendors who do. This blog is the mall that provides space for book review bloggers (you), but in this case, it’s free for you to have the space. It’s win-win.


Here’s how it works:

When it’s your turn, I’ll copy and paste a book review of yours. The selection will have to do with what’s been featured recently. If a Nicolas Sparks novel was featured last, and your most recent review is another Nicolas Sparks book, I might pick a different one. It will vary, but a likely frequency of a review of yours being featured is once every month or two.

Then I’ll paste your review in full into a blog post on this blog and attach credit to you, a short bio of yours, and a link to your blog (for my followers to discover all your great stuff!).

I won’t change your material when I feature it, with the exception of grammar/spelling errors or blemishes that I happen to spot (I always do a read-through before I feature a review). The idea is to make the reviewer (you) look the best possible, because that’s the foundation of this concept and blog.


The nitty-gritty:

What’s in it for you? Tapping into the thousands of followers of this blog, people who want to read articles and posts that you’re already posting. You don’t have to type an extra word to do this. It’s merely featuring what you’ve already written. Basically, it’s more exposure for your blog for zero additional work.

What’s in it for me? More material to have on this blog=more posts=more volume (which reciprocates back to you in the end).

Please fill out the short form attached. The reason for it is to give me permission to feature your work, as I would never do so without your permission. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Nothing happens without your permission, and you can stop or discontinue this at any time.











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