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I’m currently accepting submissions for guest posts on All Romance Reads. It’s a win-win where you can gain exposure to the followers of this website, and I can offer my readers more book reviews.

I’m seeking writers who want to contribute to ARR on a regular, semi-regular, or occasional basis. If you only have one guest post and don’t intend to contribute further, please consider waiting on this opportunity.

Once you’re accepted, you’ll have your own contributor account with ARR. You’ll be able to write in your guest post articles directly into that account at your leisure. You write when you wish. I’ll preview it, and if it follows the guidelines, I’ll schedule it to post.


Why would you want to write for All Romance Reads?

To date, All Romance Reads has a reach of over 9,400 subscribers/followers. As well as the main website, every post gets blasted across social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and Tumblr.

By posting your guest post on ARR, you’re sharing your brand and website. Every post has a bio at the bottom where you’re welcome to include the website to your own blog, helping readers from ARR to become your new readers.

With blogging, it all comes down to discoverability. Getting your content in front of ARR’s reading audience can help your blog/website grow faster than it would on its own.


The type of posts accepted on All Romance Reads

  • Book Reviews, only in the Romance genre (any subgenre of romance)
  • Top 10 Romance Books I Want to Read type posts (Romance books only).



  • Please edit your post before submitting.
  • The article has to be written by you. Absolutely no plagiarism or borrowed material.
  • No product reviews.
  • Nothing deemed by the general public to be hostile, aggressive, discriminatory, or contain shock value. All posts must be relatively family-friendly, although some mild level adult language can be used, if you wish. References to steamy/explicit portions of the story is fine if done relatively modestly. The book itself (the one being reviewed) doesn’t have to be family friendly.
  • The posts submitted to ARR does not need to be exclusive. If you wrote the post on your own blog yesterday or years ago, you can submit it, as long as it was written by you.
  • No spam, sharing of private information, intellectual property infringement, or claiming you’re someone you’re not.
  • Due to the volume of submissions, I may not be able to send you a notice of when your guest post will be published. It’s best to subscribe to ARR and you’ll be notified of newly posted material via your email or blog feed.


I reserve the right to

  • Correct any typos or grammar errors I notice. Please do not take this as a signal that you don’t have to edit your own writing.
  • Adjust the title. I always name the post the book title and “book review.”
  • Reject your post. Reasons for this could be, but not limited to, not having useful information, include a negative slant, have harsh language, contain too many typos/grammar errors, harsh, spam, confusing, not follow other policies on this page, etc.
  • Include advertisements at the bottom of the post, below your bio. They are clearly set apart from your article to show that there is no direct association. I’ll also link to Amazon, with an affiliate code included.
  • Include “See related posts” type inserts. It’s a common blog practice which highlights other posts that the reader might also be interested in (which could point to one of your posts).
  • Censor harsh curse words or language.
  • Include the book’s book cover as a top image.

To proceed, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.



Do the rights to my writing stay mine if it’s published on your website?

Yes, absolutely. It’s your writing. It stays 100% yours.


Are there any minimums or maximums concerning how many posts I can write for ARR?

There are no maximums. Write as much as you’d like! There are no official minimums, but it does take effort to create a contributor account for you, so if you were only planning, say, one article a year, that’s not enough to warrant keeping your access active. Having said that, we all have busy lives and it’s understandable that it can be a while in-between posts.


I just wrote an guest post for ARR. How long will it be until it posts?

Due to the volume of guest posts I receive, it’s hard to say. It can be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. I appreciate your patience in advance. If it helps, I scheduled articles a month in advance for quite a while, even when it was simply my own posts. Sometimes blogging can be a delayed gratification sort of thing.


Can I submit an article I wrote and published on my own blog already?

Yes! As long as you wrote it.


I wrote a post that I don’t intend on publishing anywhere else. I intend to submit it to ARR. Is that okay?

Absolutely. Exclusive posts are appreciated but absolutely aren’t required.

Please fill out the form below to get started.



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