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Grumpy Damaged Billionaire
Grumpy Damaged Billionaire
As our lips met in the dimly lit bookstore, the weight of my hidden billions loomed between us, threatening to shatter the fragile trust we'd built.

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The woman I love has no idea I’m a billionaire.

After losing my mom, I made rules to keep others at arm’s length.
The rules were working. One-night stands. No relationships.
I was fine until I met her.
I’m passing time as a carpenter working on her bookstore.
I can tell she is just trying to survive.
She doesn’t trust men, and, being raised by a single mom, I get that.
But our extended glances and shameless flirting start to build and soon we can’t keep our hands off each other.
Lustful kisses and wanting touches have become our nightly routine.
I’m falling for her and start imagining forever with her and her amazing son.
But I’ve been lying to her from the start.
If I tell her the truth, will she be able to trust me again or will I lose my new family?

Grumpy Damaged Billionaire is a stand alone, Damaged Billionaire Series book about a Playboy Damaged Billionaire who loses the only family he has ever had and wins the biggest lottery ever, all in the same week. Robert Christopher Wright created rules for himself to keep himself at a distance from people, women in particular; to keep himself from getting hurt again. Katherine is a single mom/book store owner who is just doing her best to survive, with trust issues of her own. This is a dramatic, steamy, suspenseful, enemies to lovers, single mom, secret billionaire, forced proximity contemporary romance with a happily ever after!

Published: January 9, 2024
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