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Found In Misty Falls
Found In Misty Falls
In the heart of Misty Falls, Violet clutched the ring, its ancient whispers promising magic, yet its icy touch hinting at a darkness she couldn't yet fathom.

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Curiosity is a blessing, though sometimes, ignorance is truly bliss. 

Violet, a teen, is hiking through Misty Falls when they end up finding a ring, a peculiar artifact in the middle of nowhere. Like any other teenager, curiosity creeps inside her about her newfound discovery, prompting her to share the discovery with her parents. The lot traced the owner, and, to their utmost surprise, the story behind it was not what they expected. The whereabouts of the ring are, dare we say, magical. 

Violet uses the discovery to her advantage, as having a mythological item at her disposal makes her feel optimistic about the artifact. But her antics get the best of her as tragedy strikes. Suddenly, the ring portrays an evil presence that doesn’t seem so magical. Violet finds herself in a pickle after an accident puts her into a precious predicament. Should she keep the ring or discard it? The answer isn’t so simple. A sequence of events unfolds, making her speculate deeply over whether the ring is good for her or not. Violet needs to be wary of every decision she takes; the stakes are high, and her loved ones are in danger. 

The ring power may work in both good and bad ways, but she must quickly end the evil. 

This book embodies the saying, “Be careful what you wish for,” by serving as the perfect bridge between a fairy tale fantasy and a young adult mystery. A suspense thriller and a tale of lifting curses and redemption, the book ponders the nature of supernatural powers through the story of a ring brimming with powers beyond human influence. 

Join Violet as she tries to break free from the bad curse ravaging her life. Will she be able to lift the curse that befalls her?

Published: January 9, 2024
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