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Doctor Krista McDonald Versus Crazy Maisie
Doctor Krista McDonald Versus Crazy Maisie
Amidst the seductive whispers of Mason Ranch, Dr. Krista McDonald's resistance wavers, caught between forbidden desires and the alluring danger of Crazy Maisie's plotting.

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Doctor Krista McDonald is in a predicament. She’s stuck at a lesbian ponygirl ranch, her transportation taken and her freedom at risk. All the women at the ranch are dominant lesbians, they all seem to want to have sex with her, and they are all succeeding except for the ponygirls who are submissive and seemingly mindless. There are only two kinds of women at Mason Ranch, the dominants and the submissives. Krista sure isn’t dominant so, ah….
Krista does not want to become a ponygirl! Who would? Sure, sure, lots and lots of orgasms….
The dominants have her trying on ponygirl gear to “certify” it. She also has to act like a ponygirl while “certifying” it. They also treat her like a ponygirl while she “certifies.” Exactly like a ponygirl. For many hours and many orgasms.
Krista hopes they don’t get carried away and start thinking she is a ponygirl! What if they forget she is a respected doctor and forget to take the ponygirl gear off her? Just because she is tall, athletic, big-breasted, and beautiful like a ponygirl… and responds like a ponygirl to ponygirl treatment, does not in any way, mean she should be a ponygirl. Right?
She knows her next-bedroom-over neighbor at Mason Ranch, butch lesbian Crazy Maisie, is plotting against her. She overheard the plot through the thin wall between their bedrooms. Maisie wants one of her submissives, the chef’s daughter, Sally, to trick Krista into ponygirl gear and bondage to sneak some erotic photos of her to give to Maisie. 
Forewarned should be forearmed but not in this case. More like disarmed because Krista overheard the terrible punishments Maisie intends for Sally if Sally fails. Krista has to play along with the plot against her but she has no idea how far she will end up playing along, how very convincingly, or where it will take her. To the last place on Earth she wants to go! Crazy Maisie’s bedroom!

Published: January 16, 2024
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