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Cuddle Me
Cuddle Me
Jason O'Brien's personal odyssey merges with the world of cuddle parties in a poignant sequel.

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In 2013, filmmaker Jason O’Brien was struggling to find his way in the industry and was looking for his next film when a friend asked him if he would like to attend a cuddle party. That would eventually result in the landmark documentary film Cuddle, which helped to shine a spotlight on a controversial movement which was desperately looking for mainstream acceptance. But that wasn’t the entire story. 

At a time when he found his life upended by the loss of a corporate job, the journey to make that film saved his life. The following years would see him move forward with more film work, but would also see him encounter the most difficult experiences of his life. Tragic relationships, betrayal, divorce, a continual pursuit of true love, and a struggle with one’s own worth and identity. 

By the time he reached his lowest point, the idea to make a sequel to Cuddle arrived. But this time, it wouldn’t be to spotlight a movement or just make a new movie, but to be the story himself. The movement that he had witnessed first hand that had healed so many others, would now be healing him if it could.

Published: January 9, 2024
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