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Before the Dawn
Before the Dawn
Frank's simple life transforms with a vampire's secret embrace.

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Frank Sunborn was an ordinary boy of thirteen whose dreams and desires were simple but strong. Living in present day New York City, he does what every young teenager his age wants, adventure, fun and attention of beautiful girls. While trying to capture the heart of a girl in his school, Frank accidentally meets another young girl, who intrigues him by having similar interests and her unusual reactions to life and death. The girl who enters his life is no ordinary human. Cindy Condor is a 150 years-old vampire, whose innocent looks hide incredible superhuman powers. After a devastating breakup of a promising friendship and confrontations with a notorious school bully and his gang, Frank finds respect and affection frm Cindy, unaware of the fact that she is not human. When a revelation of her true nature shocks him to the core, Frank must make a choice whether to continue seeing Cindy or break up with her. Deeply intrigued by her vampire nature and her affection and respect for him as a human, Frank falls in love with Cindy. By becoming her blood donor, he enters a secret world of nightwalkers, being who have existed and evolved alongside humanity since the dawn of human evolution. Told from the viewpoints of two main protagonists, it is a story of friendship, love, danger and exploration of another side of reality.

Published: January 30, 2024
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