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All Romance Reads is open for people/companies to advertise their books or services. I’m also accepting advertisements at A Writer’s Path and The Book Review Directory.


Since All Romance Reads was created in 2014, it has seen over 43,000 visitors and 134,000 page views.


Here’s how the sidebar advertisement works:

Your book’s cover or provided advertisement image will be placed along the left or right sidebar (whichever is higher) of every page. Clicking on that image will take the reader to your book’s Amazon page (or market of your choosing) or website. The positioning of top-to-bottom is static, does not rotate, and is first come first serve. When an advertising spot “above” yours expires, then yours bumps up to that spot. The images are approx. 170×243 and can be resized for you.

The pricing below is based on one book cover or image. For bulk pricing on multiple placements, let me know what you’re interested in for further pricing. Your book doesn’t necessarily need to be about romance to be on All Romance Reads, nor does your services advertisement need to be about writerly services.


Select which of the below websites you want your book’s 90-day sidebar advertisement on:



  • Pick 1 of the above websites for 120 days: $20
  • Pick 2 of the above websites for 120 days: $37    (You save $3)
  • Pick 3 of the above websites for 120 days: $54    (You save $6)


  • Pick 1 of the above websites for one year: $50    (You save $10)
  • Pick 2 of the above websites for one year: $92    (You save $28)
  • Pick 3 of the above websites for one year: $138   (You save $42)

If you would like pricing on multiple books for further discounts, please ask.


A few things to consider:

  • Due to the nature of the ads, they aren’t affected by ad blockers, giving your advertisement “a leg up” on your competition.
  • Only ads in png and jpg form are accepted (no flash files). They are displayed along the side.
  • All amounts are in USD and only received via Paypal (credit cards are accepted via Paypal). International customers are welcome. Paypal changes over the currency automatically.
  • I reserve the ability to turn down or refuse advertisements or images that I don’t feel are a good fit for this website.
  • No erotica will be accepted.
  • While exposure is guaranteed, a certain number of sales are not guaranteed. The mileage can vary depending on the type of book/service, description, and quality of the cover/image.
  • Cover images and/or descriptions regarding nudity, adult descriptions, or vulgar content will likely be turned down.

To place your order or for more information, please fill out the form below.








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