Featured Books

Doctor Krista McDonald Versus Crazy Maisie (1)

Doctor Krista McDonald Versus Crazy Maisie

Amidst the seductive whispers of Mason Ranch, Dr. Krista McDonald’s resistance wavers, caught between forbidden desires and the alluring danger of Crazy Maisie’s plotting.


Found In Misty Falls

In the heart of Misty Falls, Violet clutched the ring, its ancient whispers promising magic, yet its icy touch hinting at a darkness she couldn’t yet fathom.

MMA Bad Boy (1)

MMA Bad Boy

In the dim light of a hotel room, our secrets intertwined as fiercely as our bodies, but dawn threatened to expose the lie that could tear us apart.


An Unforgettable Cruise

Amidst heartbreak and unexpected reunions, a luxury cruise promises a new beginning as Ashley discovers passion and true contentment with Stephen.


Grumpy Damaged Billionaire

As our lips met in the dimly lit bookstore, the weight of my hidden billions loomed between us, threatening to shatter the fragile trust we’d built.

Love On A Checklist (1)

Love On A Checklist

As Kelsey’s heart raced, she approached Olivia with a checklist in hand, only for fate to intervene once more in the form of a misplaced step and a spilled coffee.

My Dog is My Relationship Coach (1)

My Dog is My Relationship Coach

In the silent gaze of our pets lies the wisdom of unconditional love, teaching us to rediscover our true selves amidst the complexities of human relationships.


Cuddle Me

Jason O’Brien’s personal odyssey merges with the world of cuddle parties in a poignant sequel.

Always Emilie (1)

Always Emilie

At a school reunion, Charlie and superstar Emilie grapple with past love and the possibility of a second chance.


Shadows And Light

As Laura’s art rises, a dark art world secret tests her and her feelings for RCMP Sergeant Neil McKenzie.