26 Kisses – Book Review



26 Kisses by Anna Michels

26 Kisses by Anna Michels sounded like such a fun read. A heartsick
girl who wants to make a change and decides to spend the summer before her senior year kissing her way through the alphabet. Unfortunately, the way Veda went about her task left a trail of hurt feelings and upset people in her wake. What could have been a sweet coming of age tale was instead the story of Veda hurting friends and family on her quest.

26 Kisses had a lot of potential. Decent plot line, dreamy guy, cute
goal for the main character. Unfortunately, it did not deliver. I
particularly disliked the fact that Veda was called a slut after
kissing like three guys. That type of shaming should not have been
included as it turned the story into something distasteful.

Also the way Veda went about some of the kisses is “cute” for a girl to do, but would be sexual assault if a boy did it. Anna Michels had some great moments and I wish they would have carried throughout the book. This was a read with some great promise that just wasn’t able to meld all of the pieces together.




This review contributed by 125 Pages. Laura is an addict. She reads 5-8 books a week. In addition to writing her own book reviews, she frequents other book review and blogger sites for just that little bit more.


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