Say Something – Book Review



Say Something… (The Speak, #1) by T.A. Roth

OMGAAAWD!!! Amazing first novel by T.A. Roth!!

This story is your love at first sight even though they come from
different worlds!

I fell in love with the characters… they are insanely easy to fall
for… they give you just the perfect amount of mystery and charm.

The story (sigh!) it was just what I love… it was more reality instead of a dream.. it deals with real life, real experiences, and real places…
I literally could see myself as a fly on the wall in every scene..

Ms. Roth is really witty and made me laugh a lot in this book, and at
the same time, she takes you to emotional depths of nerves, angst and melt your heart and panties moments!!

I have got to tell you that the ending… it is INTENSE!!! It was
completely unexpected and shocked the breath right out of me!!! Now I literally want to go all “Misery” on Ms. Roth!! I need the next story yesterday!!!

Don’t let the fact that its a cliffy sway you not to read it… it is
not a cliffy that leaves you hanging with the characters.. It is just
the type that leaves you dying for that chapter to go on, as you know
the next book is going to be like falling off a cliff into a very deep




Guest review contributed by Perusing Princesses. Along with their book reviews, this blog features monthly authors (and their books) in their spotlight section. Their website’s forecast is sunny and pink with a chance of glitter.


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