Beauty and the Beast – Book Review

Beauty and the Beast



Every year the village sacrifices a maiden to the beast. The maiden disappears, and no one knows what happens to her.
Beautiful and passionate Belle couldn’t care less, she’s more interested in catching the eye of her father’s handsome stablehand.

All her fears are realized when she’s kidnapped by the villagers and left, bleeding and naked, at the mercy of the beast.
Yet the Beast does not turn out to be what she expected. For one, he’s the sexiest thing she’s ever seen. For another, he’s not interested in killing her. He’s interested in something else, something she’s always fantasized about.

Is the the one who can break his spell? Can she sexually dominate him for three days?



Belle is naughty from the first chapter. Will seems like he will be an important character but doesn’t get much of a role after Belle is taken. There were talking inanimate objects, which was surprising and nice to see. As to the Beast I felt like he didn’t really have a personality or it just paled in comparison to Belle’s.



It is an erotica. Most times when I read a book, even an erotica, I look for certain things. There were so many ways this book could have gone and been a little more creative. It was a good read, but it felt like all the other parts were RUSHED through. Weird for me to think a book went too fast but it did. The premise was a bit much for me and I was left wanting on the plot side.



It was a quick read that lived up to its genre. It is a darker erotica and gets into domination. As short as this was, it did have some steamy scenes. The explicit scenes were well detailed and left very little to the imagination – a good and bad thing in my opinion. The writing itself was satisfactory and the book contained limited errors which did not distract during the reading.


Rating: 3 stars

I thought it was okay. I sort of shrugged when it was over. This needs a little more to make it a worthwhile read in my opinion That being said, if you are looking for a short read that is all about the naughty moments, not much for plot and limited characters this is a great book.

This is not a standalone book and there appears to be more to the story.

You can find Beauty and the Beast here.





Guest review contributed by Creating Worlds with Words. This blogger offers book reviews as well as chapter critique exchanges. Occasionally, portions of her writing appear in the feed.


American Loren Mackenzie, a professional women’s Elite cyclist, overcame her traumatic past to sculpt herself into a world champion cyclist. Her spirit inspires those around her, often bringing out their best. But such radiance can also burn so brightly as to uncover the darker side of a person’s soul.

When the Fates intervene with a bang, Loren could not have anticipated how a simple bad day would change the course of her life. After a Knight in a Shining Jaguar – British actor Graham Atherton – stops to assist her with a flat tire, neither could deny the flare of attraction or the sense of connection between them. Despite the separation caused by both of their careers, their bond grows stronger.

Can the love of two people, brought together by the Fates, triumph over betrayal and a sinister obsession from Loren’s past?

Wheeler is a novel set in the exciting world of women’s professional cycling, and follows a route where the genres of romance, women’s fiction and sports meet.





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