Rob Manfred says Major League Baseball won't consider adopting universal DH until 2022

Jo Caldwell
February 9, 2019

The league will rename the disabled list the "injured list", according to an ESPN report, for fear the term "disabled" could offend. The group in late 2018 wrote to Billy Bean, an Major League Baseball vice resident and special assistant to the commissioner, about misconceptions perpetuated by the term "disabled list", conflating an injured individual with a healthy disabled person and suggesting disabled people are unfit to play sports.

Major changes to baseball's rulebook could be in the offing as Major League Baseball and its players association engaged in talks about rules proposals that would equate to an overhaul. Mixing, or making similar the terms "disabled" and "injury" could infer an inability to participate in sports.

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The addition of the DH to the National League would put both leagues under the same rule but also create more jobs for hitters. "I think we've got a great game, and I think that with some improvements it will be even a better game". "In recent years, the commissioner has received several inquiries regarding the name of the "Disabled List, '" Pfeifer wrote. They say, 'It's overblown, ' or, 'What you're saying is fringe.' But not baseball". "They are different in kind than the type of playing-rule changes that that we have out there", Manfred said.

The rules governing the injured list remain the same. The list will be comprised of a 10-day injured list for short-term injuries, and a 60-day version for long-term injuries.

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The injured list has existed in some form since the early days of professional baseball, according to Baseball Prospectus.

Among the proposals to be considered, per multiple reports, are a universal designated hitter - now only American League teams employ a DH, with National League teams adapting to that lineup configuration when visiting an AL ballpark - a 20-second pitch clock and expanding rosters to 26.

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Despite changing what the list will be called, there will be no changes to how the list formerly known as the disabled list, will be conducted.

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