Guaido refuses to rule out USA military intervention in Venezuela

Charlene Craig
February 10, 2019

Both are willing to starve Venezuelans to advance their political interests.

Under Maduro's leadership, Venezuela has descended into economic chaos marked by hyperinflation, recession and shortages of basic necessities, including food and medicine.

"We are confident that Maduro is finished, and will leave for some other country that offers him exile very soon".

Actually getting that government in power, however, has one big stumbling block, and that is the Venezuelan military, which remains overwhelmingly loyal to the actual government and the sitting president.

"It deeply undermines the credibility of a government if it's forced to accept a convoy of aid from its declared enemies".

But they are stopping short of seeking any outside military intervention. They have never done so in the past.

A Senior White House official has revealed that the United States is actively in direct talks with the military in Venezuela urging them to abandon headstrong leader Nicolas Maduro.

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The supplies allegedly come from a budget of more than $20 million announced last week by the United States' Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

That awkward moment when American propaganda (L) looks exactly like North Korean propaganda. "It's important. It's significant", Whitaker said.

Tens of thousands of starving Venezuelans cross the border every day in search of the supplies the USA propagandists put on display for the well-prepared media circus.

His pledge followed comments by the US Ambassador to Colombia urging the Venezuelan military to allow the aid to enter the country.

Toledo called on Venezuela's military during a press conference to help get the aid across the Tienditas Bridge, saying that the medicine and food provided also belonged to them and their families.

Guaido, speaking on Friday at the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas, said that if Maduro continues to prevent the entry of a shipment of humanitarian aid from the neighbouring Colombia, the opposition would mobilise to create a corridor so the assistance could reach Venezuelans in need.

Has America forgotten Operation Manna?

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But amid the crisis, relief was offered by Russias state-run oil refining company Rosneft, which stated to increase its output in Venezuela irrespective of the USA sanctions.

There will be major collateral damage, Quintero added.

I can't wait for a solution to Venezuela's crisis and I firmly believe Maduro is a tyrant who must step down.

"The principle battlefront at the moment is over humanitarian aid".

Using humanitarian aid to promote a military coup is repulsive and threatens to convert Venezuela in an American foreign policy clusterfuck similar to Vietnam, Iraq, Syria or Yemen.

British airplanes dropped American food supplies to alleviate a starvation in Nazi-occupied Holland in 1945.

Venezuela should resolve its own matters itself via peaceful talks and China supports the global community's efforts in this regard, the Chinese foreign ministry said.

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