Eye-tracking Vive VR headset headlines HTC's CES 2019 showcase

Pauline Obrien
January 11, 2019

In its press release, HTC provides further hints that the HMD has "the capability to be powered by more than a traditional gaming PC". "By integrating eye tracking technology into Home Run Derby VR, we are able to transport this transformative baseball experience to any location without additional controllers needed".

Luckily HTC gets a second try.

At CES 2019, HTC announced two new VR headsets: the Vive Pro Eye and the Vive Cosmos.

And here's our first peek at the Vive Cosmos.

The Cosmos also sports a flip-up design, so users can quickly and easily switch between the virtual world and their real-world environment.

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Like the Vive Pro, HTC is primarily pitching the Vive Pro Eye at enterprise customers, rather than gamers at large. Tracking cameras seem to be on both the front and sides.

HTC also outlined strategic partnerships created to bring a seamless VR experiences to its audience, naming Mozilla as one key company it is teaming up with. Be sure to stay tuned in to Windows Central for more updates about all the news around HTC Vive!

What does the Vive Cosmos offer? Where the Pro Eye focuses on enterprise, the Cosmo has a firm target of the average consumer/enthusiast.

With built-in eye tracking, there are a variety of new possibilities at hand for VR. More details are to be revealed in the near future.

Vive Pro EyeVive Pro, built to meet the needs of the professional VR user, just got even better with integrated eye tracking on the new Vive Pro Eye-giving users new levels of accessibility, including gaze-oriented menu navigation and removing the need for controllers. We saw a Tobii demo last March and were incredibly impressed. Like the previous Vive headsets, the Cosmos will also support motion controllers. HTC refers to this technique as "foveated rendering".

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That's how it's been for nearly three years now.

It's an expansion of the Viveport program that will give users access to over 500 games for one set price, although frustratingly that price wasn't given. That's how it's functioned up until now, at least. Viveport Infinity is a paid subscription service that grants members unlimited access to a catalogue of games for a monthly fee. No more picking and choosing. It will be released this spring on April 5, 2019. It is now unknown what the lineup of 500 games at launch will look like but this is exciting news for VR fans.

Despite waning interest and declining sales, HTC Corp.is pushing ahead with its virtual reality products, debuting two new headsets at this week's annual CES consumer electronics show in Las Vegas.

"We've set out this year to bring everyday computing tasks into VR for the first time", said Michael Almeraris, Vice President of Partnerships and Content, HTC VIVE. If that's the case, it's a significant blow to SteamVR - which, for all Valve's flaws, is still probably my favorite (and the most reliable) implementation of a VR storefront. Fans can experience the new Vive Pro Eye starting in 2019. HTC isn't almost as well-oiled a machine. At the very least we know it's coming. Expect a bunch of news around GDC, I'd assume.

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