Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Announces New "Spirits" Mode

Sheila Mcguire
November 1, 2018

Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch is already the best-selling game on Amazon, even before the title's official release on December 7.

As per usual, Nintendo didn't share any specifics ahead of time, simply stating in an email that the video will feature "new information on the game".

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With a pro-wrestling-themed moveset, the Fire/Dark-type Pokemon is primarily skilled with strong throwing moves.

You may have caught the premiere of the new World of Light Adventure Mode trailer for Super Smash Bros.

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Ken will be an echo fighter for Ryu, meaning he'll be essentially the same with a different appearance and animations, series creator Masahiro Sakurai said in Thursday's Nintendo Direct livestream.

Immediately, Street Fighter's Ken is shown as an Echo Fighter, and Pokemon's Incineroar are joining the fight. There's also a pretty nifty song for the game and a glorious overview of the "Super Smash Bros". An example of fighting against these is Fire Emblem's Owain being shown as a Spirit, which gives increased power to melee weapons, but also makes the enemy taunt a lot, like the character's personality. More than 50 assist trophies will appear in the game. Nintendo suggested using a dedicated connection instead of Wifi in order to stay connected due the possibility of getting a quit penalty.

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Alternatively, you can buy the Fighters Pass for £22.49 now and get an exclusive Mii Fighter costume of Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Ultimate managed to surprise us.

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