Google Suggests Dark UI Mode Could Finally Be Coming to Android

Pauline Obrien
November 11, 2018

Which is always a good thing with smartphones, especially those that have smaller batteries, or might be a bit older.

The takeaway for Google and Android app developers is simple: Use more black and darker colors.

OLED screen panels can display black pixels with nearly no energy cost.

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Another chart compared the power draws of different colors while at maximum brightness. Whether it's for Android' UI or all the essential Google apps, white has been the dominant colour for all of them, which indirectly utilises more power than before. The company acknowledged that white is "less than ideal".

In addition to the YouTube application, Google's Messages app also has a dark mode. The on the left shows all the different power draws when different colors are displayed on the Pixel at full brightness. If you have a smartphone with an OLED display (like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, LG V40 ThinQ or Google Pixel 3) and use a black background on that phone, you will really notice the difference in battery life. We do hope that a future Android version can offer a native OS-level Dark Mode just like Windows Phone so that users need not look to third-party solutions such as Substratum. Well, Google has shown that using night mode on YouTube can consume 60 percent less power at max brightness. Google also admitted to this fact during the Android Dev Summit this week. So if you're serious about saving battery, dark mode on YouTube is definitely worth toggling on.

After Banes, Alan Viverette then took to the stage to talk about how devs should embrace dark mode and went into detail on how they can implement it.

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Tap on the toggle for "Dark theme" to enable it.

For less urgent stuff, the new tools will let the app update in the background, even while it's being used.

Files by Google is an app that's very, very similar to what was first presented in the Android Go app called Files Go.

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It's also adding some new features, including a redesigned user interface and celebratory notifications for those times when you save storage space.

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