Donald Trump claims 'tremendous' success despite Congress setback in U.S. midterms

Virginia Carson
November 7, 2018

The slim playing field for Republicans was even more surprising given the state of the economy.

Early exit polls showed Trump was a major factor for almost two-thirds of voters who cast their ballots, while a CBS News poll found that 55 percent said they disapproved of the president's performance.

One other interesting nugget from this first batch of exit poll results, according to CNN, is that 1 in 6 voters say this is the first time he or she has cast a ballot in a midterm election and a majority feels the country is on the wrong track.

The long-running "Russia collusion" probe has been sidelined in the election debate as purely domestic issues such as economy and health care have taken center stage.

Voters between the ages of 18 and 34 backed Democrats by 62 percent to 34 percent, up from 2014 when 54 percent backed Democrats and 36 percent supported Republicans.

He amplified that message with an advertisement linking Democrats and immigrants to violent crime, which aired on NBC on Sunday night.

The president's current job approval, set at 40 percent by Gallup, was the lowest at this point of any first-term president in the modern era.

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All 435 House of Representative seats are in play.

U.S. citizens will vote to select their preferred members of Congress, both for the House of Representatives and for the Senate, as well as state Governors and down-ballot positions such as local representatives and judges. Lastly, the President talked to Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Sen.

Democrats captured the House on Tuesday as Americans stampeded to the polls for a historic midterm that was as much a referendum on President Trump's policies and behavior as it was about control of Congress.

Vice President Mike Pence congratulated his brother for serving in the US Congress. "That means that in order to take control of the House, Democrats will probably have to win the national vote by at least 5-6pp".

The political and practical stakes were sky-high.

Going into Election Day, Democrats needed to gain 23 seats in order to take back the House, which would allow them to throw a wrench in Trump's agenda on contentious issues, among them immigration.

Both sides agree, at least privately, that Republicans are strongly favored to keep control of the Senate, where the electoral map is highly favorable to them.

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Some Democrats have already vowed to force the release of his tax returns. If Nelson can't hang on to his seat, the math gets tricky for Democrats to retake the Senate majority.

Rep. Jim Jordan, a co-founder of the House Freedom Caucus - thought to be the most conservative voting bloc in the House - launched his own bid for speaker and has been expected to run for leadership even in the event that Democrats won the House.

Women voted considerably more in favor of their congressional Democratic candidate - with fewer than 4 in 10 voting for the Republican, according to VoteCast, a nationwide survey of more than 113,000 voters and about 20,000 nonvoters - conducted for The Associated Press by NORC at the University of Chicago.

Increased representation of Democrats at the polls also contributed to Democratic victories in the House.

The demographic divides were coloring the political landscape in different ways.

Democrats also netted governorships in Illinois, Michigan and Kansas, with more targets on the horizon. Some high profile senators are expected to be among that growing pool of candidates in the Democratic presidential primary. McAdams believes that Democrats failed to offer an "alternative narrative" and that might hurt them at the ballot box.

Of course, Democrats have been in this position before: Two years ago, polling indicated that Hillary Clinton was more likely become the next President of the United States, and she fell short in a night that shocked the country.

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This election cycle - which had a record number of women elected to the House and an unprecedented number of candidates of colour standing - also saw a number of firsts.

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