PlayStation Classic vs. SNES Classic vs. NES Classic: Retro Showdown

Pauline Obrien
September 20, 2018

Sony blew everyone's nostalgic brains earlier this morning when they announced plans of releasing the PlayStation Classic, a mini console version of the original PSOne.

When Sony first released the PlayStation, it was the first console in video game history to ship 100 million units worldwide, according to the company. It comes with wired controllers and connections for modern TVs. Other than being absolutely flawless for filling those Christmas stockings, 3 December also mirrors the launch day of the PlayStation in Japan some 24 years ago. The few games that have already been announced make me pretty excited, though.

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Speaking of Kingdom Hearts, wouldn't it be neat to see a PS2 Classic with all of the PlayStation 2 Kingdom Hearts games on it?

In big news for gaming fans and those who live for a nostalgia trip, Sony have unveiled the PlayStation Classic, which is basically a rework of the PS1 that gave us so many memories back in the day. Instead, they're based on the original PlayStation controller, which lacked the now-ubiquitous pair of analog sticks.

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The console comes preloaded with 20 classic PlayStation games such as the 1997 role-playing game Final Fantasy VII and 1998-1999 racing game R4: Ridge Racer Type 4. Of course, the power button turns it on/off; the open button switches between games; and the reset button suspends gameplay.

It is shipping for $99.99 in the United States, while the United Kingdom version costs just under £89.99.

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The PlayStation Classic is the most expensive of the bunch at $100 for 20 games, which is now a bit hard to swallow considering we've yet to see the full list of included titles. Missing, so far, are Gran Turismo, the system's best selling game during its lifespan; Tomb Raider, which became a national phenomenon with the PlayStation; and fan favorite Metal Gear Solid.

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