Kavanaugh hearing: Republican senators abandon female prosecutor Rachel Mitchell

Charlene Craig
September 28, 2018

Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley said they chose Mitchell for her experience and objectivity.

Mitchell, who is asking questions for Republicans on the committee, asked: "Would you believe me if I told you that there's no study that says that this setting in 5-minute increments is the best way" to question someone about a sexual assault?

The prosecutor selected to serve as outside counsel for the Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee at Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's hearing has handled sex assault cases for decades.

Blasey has appealed for a full FBI investigation into her sexual assault accusation before testifying before the committee, a request that a number of Senate Democrats support.

So, in five-minute intervals, between statements and questions from the committee's Democratic senators, Mitchell proceeded to ask Ford questions about the details of her story, like how Ford knew it was Kavanaugh who had put his hand over her mouth, to repress her screams as she fought to push him off of her one night at a small gathering in 1982, when she was 15. Senators like Sheldon Whitehouse and Mazie Hirono used their time to listen to themselves blathering.

All eyes nationwide will be on the Kavanaugh, Ford hearing Thursday, and at center stage in the midst of the brightest spotlight, is the calmest prosecutor that Cindy Nanetti knows.

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Feinstein had asked for the hearing to be delayed after The New Yorker published claims by Deborah Ramirez, a Yale classmate of Kavanaugh who says he exposed himself to her while drunk at a college party in the 1980s.

Mitchell was the prosecutor brought in by Republicans to question both Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh during the high-stakes hearing.

"First Republicans demanded Dr. Blasey Ford testify immediately". Contrasting her methodical rigor with the political grandstanding of the Democrats, Graham commented on Mitchell's behavior, "From my point of view, I'm pleased with what I saw".

The decision by Cruz, Cornyn and other Republicans on the panel to stay silent was against the wishes of Ford, who closed her opening statement by stating she wanted to interact with all the senators. Her story came out clear.

In the glare of television lights, the a strict five-minute time limit that seemed to get in Mitchell's way repeatedly.

Who is prosecutor Rachel Mitchell?

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When Mitchell asked why the polygraph was done near a Washington-area airport, Ford replied that it was to accommodate her as she headed to her grandmother's funeral.

Montgomery said he didn't talk with anyone in Washington about picking Mitchell for the job before that.

After the hearing Cornyn would observe, "Frankly, I think there was some frustration among the senators that they thought there were arguments that needed to be made, that she frankly was not equipped to make". "She got there, and that is when the blowup happened and she was sacked". They repeated this during the hearings with Kavanaugh as well.

Republicans had Mitchell, an Arizona prosecutor, ask questions to Ford on their behalf.

"My expectation of Rachel and again, I'm speculating because I have not talked to her about this, is she wants to find out the truth", she said. Kavanaugh has denied the claim, and all the people Ford said were at the party have said they weren't there, and Ford has been unable to name a specific date, time, or place of the alleged incident.

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