Suspected West Nile fever case in Kerala’s Kozhikode

Cheryl Sanders
August 5, 2018

The post stated that 13 mosquito samples have tested positive for West Nile Virus in Warren County so far in 2018. Blood donors carrying the virus are detected and reported more rapidly than human cases, who first have to show symptoms and then see a doctor.

The majority of people who develop this type of West Nile virus recover completely, but fatigue and weakness can last for weeks or months. "It is imperative that Pennsylvania residents take common-sense precautions to protect themselves from mosquitoes", said DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell.

To reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard, be sure to remove any standing water from items such as pots, hot tubs, pools, buckets or wheelbarrows.

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The disease is most commonly transmitted to humans through a mosquito bite. Eliminate or drain all sources of standing water on your property, including flower pots, old auto tires, rain gutters and pet bowls.

No human or horse cases have been reported with West Nile virus-associated illnesses in CT this season. Common breeding sites include old tires, flowerpots and clogged rain gutters.

DUSK and DAWN are when mosquitoes are most active. "The small pool of water that collects in a single upturned bottle cap is an incubator for as many as 300 mosquito eggs", said Helwig. Since 2000, 134 human cases of West Nile virus have been diagnosed in CT residents including three fatalities. Long trousers and sleeves are also an important way to cut down on possible exposure to mosquitoes.

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A horse also tested positive for the virus in Owyhee County on July 27. The West Nile virus is a life-threatening disease that is contracted through an infected mosquito bite.

Limiting skin exposure and the use of insect repellants can help combat the spread of the virus.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, when people are infected with the West Nile virus, they may not exhibit any symptoms. She also said that the symptoms are the same as that of Japanese Encephalitis or Meningitis.

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