Longest lunar eclipse of the century to happen Friday

Charlene Craig
July 28, 2018

The lunar eclipse is seen in the Egyptian capital of Cairo, on July 27, 2018.

Moonrise in the United Kingdom will be at around 8.50pm.

The term "blood moon" may be a rather sinister description for a total eclipse of the moon, but that doesn't take away from the special event which will unfold in the skies on July 27.

Viewers received an extra treat, with Mars competing for attention, sparkling brightly.

In another rare event, Mars will appear directly below the moon in the skyline tonight at near maximum brightness.

Nigeria to experience longest total lunar eclipse Friday – Scientist

The 2018 lunar eclipse will last 20 minutes longer than the last lunar eclipse, which occurred on January 31st and lasted 1 hour and 16 minutes.

Unfortunately, the live stream is the only way those of us in North America will get to witness the blood red moon.

During the eclipse, the moon will look red, which is also referred to as a "blood moon".

"Dem yelebesech chereka", some murmured - Amharic for "blood moon".

Then there are partial eclipses, where just part of the moon passes through the dark umbra, or shadow.

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"This is actually nearly as long as a lunar eclipse could be", Prof Tim O'Brien, an astrophysicist at University of Manchester, explained.

The eclipse will be visible in the regions covering Australia, Asia, Russia - except the northern part, Africa, Europe, east of South America and Antarctica.

During an eclipse, most of the light from the Sun is blocked by the Earth as the moon travels through the Earth's shadow.

The site also has interactive maps that show which regions will see a partial or total eclipse.

The red sheen that the moon will take on is entirely dependent on how much dust is in the Earth's atmosphere.

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The next lunar eclipse of such length will happen in 2123.

Apart from being called the red Moon, it is also known as Sturgeon, Hay, or Mead Moon.

As scientists across the country gear up to witness the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century - which will coincide with the closest approach of Mars to our planet - experts say that cloudy skies are likely to mar the event for amateur astronomy buffs in India. Mars will appear 10 times brighter than usual, at magnitude -2.8 on that night.

The next time we will see a similarly long eclipse will be on August 6/7, 2036, which will last for six hours and 12 minutes from start to finish. Combined with the red tinge of the Moon, the two will make for an incredibly rare spectacle in the night sky. Read the original article.

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