John Goodman Breaks His Silence on Roseanne Cancellation

Cheryl Sanders
June 2, 2018

However, differing from his similar Wednesday tweet demanding an apology, the president seemingly mentioned Roseanne fans.

Trump targeted Robert Iger on Twitter, saying: "Iger, where is my call of apology?"

"She was a yeller - she would yell at people especially to people she didn't recognize and that's scary when you're exhibiting this extreme diva behavior to people who didn't do anything", said the former exec, who worked with Barr for two years in the '90s. How is Brian Ross doing?

ABC newsman Ross a year ago was suspended for a month, then reassigned and only recently returned to air after making a major error in a breaking news report about former national security adviser Michael Flynn. He called out the Disney executive for the supposed "Double Standard" where he apologized to Jarrett for a crude and racist comment made about her by someone associated with the company, but not to Trump for the "HORRIBLE statements" made about him on ABC.

Ubisoft confirms Assassin’s Creed Odyssey after leak
According to the site (via Google Translate), one insider sent an Assassin's Creed Odyssey keychain in the form of a Spartan head. It turns out the Assassin's Creed title is indeed real, and Ubisoft has teased it with a five second trailer on Twitter .

"I had a feeling this was going to happen when I first heard it was coming back", Arnold, who was one of the writers of the original 1988 Roseanne series said before theorizing that Barr's support for President Trump's ideologies aided in her show's demise. "Maybe I just didn't get the call?"

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Goodman at a New Orleans auto fix shop, where he hesitated to discuss the fallout over Barr's racist tweet this week.

She continued: "Attempting to also get phone numbers for Jarrett, Michelle and GS to personally apologize to them tho I disagree with their politics". "They love calling black people monkeys".

The photographers in the video seem much more excited about his statement that John does, with one of them even throwing their fist in the air in celebration.

'I wish' I didn't pick Jeff Sessions as attorney general
Trump has not been shy about ripping into his own attorney general for not doing enough to investigate his political foes. After Trump finished quoting Gowdy, he affirmed he wishes he had picked somebody else for the attorney general job.

On Tuesday, the White House deflected questions on the scandal and whether ABC had been right to cancel the sitcom. He said he "knew it would not end well".

She further apologised to those who had lost their jobs over the matter, including Goodman, but also condemned cast members who "threw me under the bus".

In March 2017, she tweeted: "The lefty Irish R up to their armpits in hosting anti semitic festivals abt killing all jews in Israel, but h8 me saying give Ireland away2". That plan was never carried out.

Trump to remove tariff exemption from EU, Canada, Mexico
The EU said from the outset it wouldn't make trade concessions to the Trump administration to gain a permanent exemption. Trump announced worldwide steel and aluminum tariffs in March but granted exemptions to some major trading partners.

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