Indonesian woman swallowed by giant python

Charlene Craig
June 17, 2018

The victim went missing near a village on Muna island in Southeast Sulawesi province on Thursday evening, village chief Faris told the Associated Press.

Wa's sons made the chilling discovery after spotting the killer python with a giant bulging belly barely able to move on the ground, just metres away from a patch of bushes where her sandals were found.

Wa Tiba left her home on Muna Island and walked to her cornfield that was about half a mile from her house.

An Indonesian mother has died after being swallowed whole by a 23-foot-long python.

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Tiba's entire family and about 100 other villagers then went in search of her.

Suspecting that the snake has swallowed the victim, the residents killed it and carried out of the garden.

The over 8-minute long footage, which has gone viral on social media, shows villagers gathering around the captured, swollen snake before a man slowly slices it open with a machete. "She was swallowed first from her head".

The village's chief, known as Faris, said: "When they cut open the snake's belly they found Tiba's body still intact with all her clothes".

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Reticulated pythons, which are widespread in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia, grab onto their prey with dozens of sharp curved teeth and then squeeze it to death before swallowing it whole.

Giant pythons are commonly found in Indonesia and the Philippines. While minor attacks are common, snakes eating humans is rare.

A young farmer was swallowed by an enormous killer snake in March past year after harvesting a rubber plantation.

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