Iran Divisions Widen after Trump's Nuclear Deal Decision

Charlene Craig
May 13, 2018

"It appears we wanted a deal at any cost rather than following the advice of Ronald Reagan and walking away because 'no deal is better than a bad deal'".

The deal came together after years of painstaking work and global collaboration - first in developing a united front of crippling sanctions against the Iranian regime to bring the nation to the bargaining table, then years of multilateral negotiations with Iran, the European Union, China and Russian Federation. And while other Iranian misdeeds continue, the deal did not address them.

If this effort fails, Iran will inevitably stop abiding by restrictions on their nuclear program and allowing the invasive worldwide inspections demanded by the deal.

The European and USA positions were too far apart on the so-called sunset clauses allowing for some restriction on Iran's nuclear enrichment program to be lifted.

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U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures were down 15 cents, or 0.2 percent, at $71.21 a barrel after hitting a November 2014 high of $71.89 per barrel on Thursday. Trump has already announced the full reinstatement of the sanctions lifted under the JCPOA in 2015, and, according to the Los Angeles Times, U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton said more are likely to come. "If they do, there will be very severe effect". Even America's adversaries like Russian Federation and China joined with the US and its closest allies in sanctioning Iran, .

Much of President Donald Trump's bellicose appeal to voters on the campaign trail in 2016 was based on his public image as a pre-eminent deal maker. President Hassan Rouhani reaffirmed his commitment to the deal and announced his intent to negotiate with European countries, China and Russian Federation.

Oil prices dipped on Friday, easing from multi-year highs in the previous session on hopes that alternative supplies could replace a looming drop in Iranian exports from US sanctions.

Many analysts expect oil prices to rise significantly, as the market adjusts to looming USA sanctions and Iran's exports sink amid strong demand.

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Iran's economy has seen benefits from the deal, but not enough to discredit Iranian politicians who oppose it.

"Regarding oil markets, new tensions involving Iran, a major producer and exporter, may contribute to jack up oil prices, this way causing negative ripple effects for consumers across the world", he said.

China has further incentive to establish an interest in Iran's oil industry, as the country lies at the crossroads of China's "One Belt, One Road" project, which aims to invest more than $1 trillion in infrastructure from railroads and ports to energy, in more than 60 countries spanning Europe, Africa and Asia. "We have made it very clear that if Iran acquires a nuclear capability we will do everything we can to do the same".

Tzuriel was in Ottawa one day after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's televised multimedia presentation trumpeted Iranian documents obtained by Israeli's intelligence agency, Mossad, that he said show Iran lied about pursuing nuclear weapons before signing the 2015 deal. The U.S. exit from the deal throws billions of dollars of planned European investments into disarray.

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Netanyahu had talks with Trump in the White House in March and Israeli diplomats worked hard behind the scenes to get their country's views across on the deal, meant to prevent Tehran obtaining a nuclear bomb but seen by opponents as flawed.

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