'I wish' I didn't pick Jeff Sessions as attorney general

Charlene Craig
May 31, 2018

After Trump finished quoting Gowdy, he affirmed he wishes he had picked somebody else for the attorney general job.

In a trio of morning tweets, Trump responded to an interview that Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., gave to "CBS This Morning" in which the House Oversight Committee chairman at one point appeared to explain how the president's "frustration" with Sessions could be justified.

"That's why the markets and I think most of the country looks at this and says, "Adam Schiff, you promised an terrible lot and delivered nothing, because there's a big 'nothing-burger" here, '" Chaffetz continued.

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After ranting to aides that "he needed a loyalist overseeing" the Russian Federation probe, Trump told Sessions during dinner at Mar-a-Lago to walk back his decision to recuse himself from the investigation-a move that was required by Justice Department guidelines that "are in place to prevent the sort of political meddling the president tried to engage in", the Times notes. The South Carolina Republican said the president is frustrated with Sessions because the attorney general did not tell him he would recuse himself from the Justice Department's election meddling probe.

"Schiff said he had evidence of collusion before we even began the investigation, and 60 Democrats have voted to impeach [Trump] before [special counsel Robert] Mueller has come up with a single solitary finding", Gowdy told Fox News host Martha MacCallum. "I've never met or talked to the president".

Trump has not been shy about ripping into his own attorney general for not doing enough to investigate his political foes.

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After being berated by Trump over the recusal decision last spring, Sessions offered his resignation, but the overture was rejected.

Trump notably did not quote Gowdy's comments from the day before, in which he contradicted the president's "spygate" conspiracy theory and argued that the FBI had acted appropriately in its handling of the Russian Federation investigation.

"It is time for transparency and it is time to allow the American people to know the truth", Representative Mark Meadows, the Republican who leads the conservative Freedom Caucus, told a news conference announcing the resolution.

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Tuesday night, Trump repeated his claim that the Federal Bureau of Investigation planted a spy in his 2016 campaign in an effort to undermine his candidacy, asking a political rally in Tennessee, "How do you like the fact they had people infiltrating our campaign?" "Nor do I think he should". Sessions could then have run in the Alabama special election to win back the rest of his term in the Senate, and Trump could have picked an AG without any connections to his campaign. Justice Department officials had concluded the policy must be withdrawn and revised, a move that Mr. Trump was resisting because he thought it was watered down.

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