MSM Breathless over Non-Reporting of Unconfirmed Rumor About Trump Fathering Child

Charlene Craig
April 13, 2018

According to the outlet, longtime Trump lawyer Michael Cohen also knew about the matter and spoke with the tabloid before it ultimately chose to quash the story.

Multiple sources tied to American Media, Inc. However, Sajudin refused to unless he received an advance payment.

Dino Sajudin has just doubled down on his claim, saying.

For those that say that Donald Trump is the dirtiest President in American history, they should know that he was also a dirty businessman and person in general before he even ran.

The New Yorker and the Associated Press report that, ahead of the 2016 presidential election, President Trump ally and National Enquirer owner David Pecker killed a story on a rumor that the president fathered a lovechild in the late '80s. While he frequently calls reports from mainstream companies "fake news", Trump has had a relatively positive relationship with AMI, which has generally published articles to his liking.

The contract stipulated that he would have to pay a $1 million penalty if he talked about the rumor or the deal to remain quiet.

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A former Trump Tower employee who claimed Donald Trump fathered a love child in the 80s was reportedly paid off to keep quiet by the same company that allegedly buried Karen McDougal's affair claims.

He then went to the National Enquirer with the allegations, with the pro-Trump publication subsequently accused of paying him $30,000, only to kill the story.

Sajudin's story alleged that Trump impregnated a female employee at Trump World Tower, his skyscraper near the United Nations.

During AP's reporting, AMI threatened legal action over reporters' efforts to interview current and former employees and hired the NY law firm Boies Schiller Flexner, which challenged the accuracy of the AP's reporting.

Both women said they had consensual relationships with Trump long before he was elected president.

Sajudin's ex-wife of 14 years cast doubt on his story as well, telling the New York Daily News that her former husband is a "pathological liar" and "infamous for making up stories".

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"If there's no money involved with it", he said, "I'm not getting involved".

But now that the Russian collusion hoax has backfired on the Deep State, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama; now that the idea that Trump obstructed justice has been exposed as more than a little sketchy, it has come to this: raids on Trump's personal attorney, decades-old rumors of consensual affairs being treated as Watergate, the criminalizing of perfectly legal non-disclosure agreements, and breathless reporting of the fact that there was no reporting of a baseless rumor.

Sajudin told AMI that he'd been told the story from several high-ranking people in the Trump orbit, including Trump's head of security, Matthew Calamari.

American Media hasn't said whether federal authorities have sought information from it, but said this week that it would "comply with any and all requests that do not jeopardise or violate its protected sources or materials pursuant to our First Amendment rights".

The tabloid company gave her US$150,000 and an opportunity to publish fitness columns in AMI magazines.

The Enquirer's Howard said the magazine released Sajudin from his exclusivity clause when he was approached by the other outlets.

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