Mark Zuckerberg Admits His Personal Data Was Compromised During Cambridge Analytica Leak

Rosemary Collier
April 13, 2018

In his second testimony before the US Congress, Zuckerberg said Facebook doesn't sell data but uses data that people put into the system to make them more relevant.

"If Facebook is truly committed to protecting people's privacy, the company should set an example, by adhering to highest data protection standards for all users".

Facebook has blamed a company co-founded by Cambridge University researcher Aleksandr Kogan for improperly collecting data on up to 87 million people around the world, including 311,127 Australians. And although Facebook doesn't know the name of this user, it does collect enough information on him or her to ensure that there is targeted advertisement for this user. Zuckerberg has told lawmakers that Facebook is still investigating what happened in the past with data breaches, and will continue to inform users of their rights and what tools are available to them.

"Right there. Not buried in the settings somewhere but right there".

Mark Zuckerberg Admits His Personal Data Was Compromised During Cambridge Analytica Leak

Vaidhyanathan, the author of the upcoming book "Antisocial media: How Facebook Disconnects and Undermines Democracy", says you can't change those things about Facebook without destroying the platform's fundamental appeal. And then what that shows, I think that shows the failure of regulation in this area.

Experts say Facebook has made it technically untenable to take your data elsewhere.

The general view in the markets is that Zuckerberg handled his inquisitors well. No, this is a different profile from what your friends see on your Facebook page. "Diamond and Silk is not terrorism!" "What is unsafe about two black women supporting Donald J Trump?" one of the legislators asked.

Mark Zuckerberg opened his hearing with another apology and completed the hearing unscathed partially because of his robotic replies and mainly because of a lack of full grasp of technology by the investigators.

Donald Trump proposes rejoining Trans-Pacific Partnership
The EPA now bans the 15-percent blend, called E15, during the summer because of concerns that it contributes to smog on hot days. Eleven other Pacific Rim countries signed a sweeping trade agreement last month that came together after the USA pulled out.

I think there's a little bit of hypocrisy here.

According to Zuckerberg, the company has 200 people working on efforts to combat the promotion of "extremist" content. Facebook itself, and its Messenger app, are meant for people 13 and older. Facebook also adds targeting categories based on your demographic information, such as whether you might have a child, your birthday and age, what mobile device you use and even your political leanings - whether or not you've explicitly shared any of that on Facebook. Facebook generatesabout $9 a month per user in the targeting you with ads.

The company has always denied these allegations.

"The posts you flagged violate our policy and are no longer available", the post from Facebook states. There was one ad category they had, which was a person who likes to pretend to text in awkward situations. He assured senators the company would have handled the situation differently today.

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"But, in order to prevent people from scraping public information..."

Democratic Representative Debbie Dingell expressed frustration with Zuckerberg's frequent promises to get back to lawmakers later in writing. You didn't know that the FTC doesn't have fining. He doesn't recognize the term "shadow profiles", though. That makes a move to some form of regulation down the line more likely.

On the topic of Europe's General Data Protection Regulation, Reuters reports that the European Union is now going even further, establishing a Social Media Working Group to take a deeper dive into the harvesting of personal data by Facebook and others.

With a few clicks, I learned that about 500 advertisers - many that I had never heard of, like Bad Dad, a motorcycle parts store, and Space Jesus, an electronica band - had my contact information, which could include my email address, phone number and full name.

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