Google updates Gmail with new confidential mode

Pauline Obrien
April 25, 2018

So changes are important. Starting today, users will see the new changes in Gmail for Web.

If you're ready to get started with the new Gmail, you can start today on Gmail Business accounts if you're part of the G Suite Early Adopter Program.

The updated aesthetics aren't hard to adjust to and there's a handful of great new features. Select "Try the new Gmail".

But the key feature is confidential mode, which allows people to remove the ability to forward, copy, download or print certain messages, such as messages containing personal information.

Tasks is another productivity booster being rolled out on the web and on brand new mobile apps. And you can drag emails into Tasks to add them to your list. As the name implies, this feature allows you to snooze an email and get notified at a later time. Integrated third-party apps can be accessed from the right rail as well. You don't have to open the email if you already know you want to archive it.

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Gmail is also making it easier to take actions on messages.

In the inbox pane, you have the availability to interact with the messages without even opening them. By using the Snooze feature you can put off reading the message until another time or date.

You're supposed to be able to create your own email Bundles, too, although this didn't work as I has hoped in my testing.

Read on for some of the most interesting new features and how to use them. In other words, such emails are exclusively for the objective of comprehension by the receiver and will self-destruct at the precise set time.

Have you got the new Gmail? It was also insanely confusing, with an age-old 90s-like UI that felt totally out of place in 2018 and involved your tasks confusingly appearing in Google Keep and Google Calendar, and at times, in Google Assistant.

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There's no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to email, which is why Google offers two mobile versions of Gmail-one that's simplified for people who want help, and another that gives power users tight control over email management.

The new Gmail: what is new? When the sent mail is opened, the link will be fetched and displayed if you mailed another Gmail user, while other email users will only see the link; in both cases the security measures you set will be in force. Google says that 10% of email replies on mobile are crafted using smart reply, so the feature has definitely found some use among Gmail adherents.

This is another feature from Inbox by Gmail.

Security improvements have also been made to help fight phishing and scams, and there's a new offline mode that lets you read and reply to email while you're on the go without a data connection.

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