'Fortnite' meteor reveals possible theme for next season

Rosemary Collier
April 27, 2018

Fans have been anxiously following the appearance of a meteor spotted in the sky in-game, as well as what it could mean for the Fortnite meta. Now users even claim to see UFOs among the meteors, leading some to believe that this teaser has something to do with an alien invasion. While Fortnite remains completely free to play and there are no in-game benefits rendered from spending money on the title, there are a host of cosmetic options that players can pay for to help customize their character in the way that they please.

Fortnite, specifically its Battle Royale spin-off mode, has been blowing up since its release a year ago in both players and monthly revenue. According to Forbes, Epic Games posted a #Tweet showing what is inside the meteor. One looks like meteor, and the other looks like a tower.

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Could these smaller meteor strikes foretell a bigger, more destructive impact? Are superheroes coming to Fortnite Battle Royale?

Different theories can arise after seeing this superhero image. The superhero could also be fighting some sort of villain and just so happened to land on the "Fortnite" map, bringing along a possible invasion where players will have to help the superhero fight the monster (s). Telescopes were places in game with which to watch them fall, and now we have even more signs pointing to their imminent arrival. This seems like a great theme with the impending release of the latest Avengers movie.

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What's most interesting to note here is that there seems to be more going on with the game's Save the World mode, rather than the much more popular Battle Royale mode. The idea of a superhero theme sounds wonderful and could bring on some interesting challenges for anyone who has a Battle Pass for the next season.

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