Amazon to Offer Package Delivery in Your Car

Rosemary Collier
April 26, 2018

Amazon has been talking about package delivery to a vehicle trunk as a potential alternative to a home doorstep for years - the key was how it would work. The company hopes this new delivery system will make receiving packages more convenient, since customers can be just about anywhere to receive their goods.

The Amazon Key In-Car Delivery allows customers to get packages delivered directly inside the trunk of their auto within four hours of ordering online.

The service is available starting this week in 37 USA cities and surrounding areas, with more cities to follow.

This extends an existing Onstar capability.

"Partnering with Amazon to leverage our embedded in-vehicle connectivity gives" GM owners "the option to conveniently receive deliveries inside their vehicle parked at home, work, or near other locations in their Amazon address book", Alan Batey, president of GM North America, stated. Users can enter locations where their vehicle is kept such as a parking lot at work or other publicly accessible place.

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Amazon says it will notify you after the package is in the trunk and the vehicle is locked back up. Packages will be placed in cars parked in publicly accessible areas like a customer's home or workplace, and then secured.

At this time Amazon Key In-Car Delivery is available to Prime members in select cities and surrounding areas. Such a service might appeal to anyone who isn't so keen to unlock their home for a drop-off when they aren't present, or to those who just can't get deliveries at home or to the office for one reason or another.

In any event, it will require an app that has significant access to personal information and now property as well.

To use Amazon Key In-Car, you must download the Amazon Key app and link it to your compatible car.

While this new option may be popular among customers that are concerned about those menacing porch pirates that have risen to prominence in recent times, it could also open up additional cans of worms down the road. OnStar itself has faced similar questions in the past.

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Amazon has started to make free deliveries to customers' cars.

In a related vein, Amazon also sells a "smart lock" system called Amazon Key In-Home that can be operated remotely and pairs up with a cloud-connected video camera to monitor its use.

Last fall,, Inc.

Plenty of us know the frustration of having a package stolen from our porches, which is why for all of the jokes we make about Amazon having access to our home and vehicle even when we aren't there, there is an obvious appeal to this service.

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