UK Jewish Groups Chide Labour's Corbyn for Failing to Snuff Out anti-Semitism

Charlene Craig
March 29, 2018

The letter sent on Monday to Member of Parliament John Cryer, chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party, said: "Today, leaders of British Jewry tell Jeremy Corbyn that enough is enough".

The letter accuses Mr. Corbyn of being unable to "seriously contemplate anti-Semitism, because he is so ideologically fixed within a far left worldview that is instinctively hostile to mainstream Jewish communities".

Mr Corbyn should certainly reconsider his dismissal of Mr Smith but more importantly should also review his overall attitude towards the severe consequences which Brexit will bring to Ireland north and south.

The latest row was triggered by a Facebook comment from 2012 when Mr Corbyn offered a show of support for the painter of a mural at the centre of an anti-Semitism row whose controversial street art was about to painted over.

Furthermore, numerous Labour MPs have jumped to support the Labour leader after the comment emerged, with one stating that Corbyn doesn't have an anti-Semitic bone in his body.

Jonathan Goldstein, chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council, told the Daily Mail, "there are no safe spaces" in Labour for Jews any more, elaborating that Jews are often told that, "Rothschilds run the world, ISIS is a fake front for Israel and Zionists are the new Nazis".

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The Jewish Leadership Council's letter accuses Corbyn of "issuing empty statements about anti-semitism" but failing to follow up these words with actions because, "he can not seriously contemplate anti-semitism, because he is so ideologically fixed within a far-left ideology that is instinctively hostile to mainstream Jewish communities".

"Jeremy Corbyn did not invent this form of politics, but he has had a lifetime within it, and now personifies its problems and dangers", their letter said.

Mr Corbyn has written to Jewish leaders insisting he is a "militant opponent" of anti-Semitism.

Their spokesman, Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, suggested the public would think Jews were "interfering with the UK" by attending the protest outside Parliament.

Corbyn said in a statement Sunday that Labour must show "total commitment to excising pockets of anti-Semitism that exist in and around our party", adding he would meet with Jewish leaders in the coming days.

Jewish critics of the Labour leader demonstrated outside parliament on Monday evening, along with a small group of Jewish supporters of Mr Corbyn.

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Corbyn has also faced criticism for being a member of two Facebook groups that included anti-Semitic messages. Prejudice and hatred of Jewish people has no place whatsoever in the Labour Party, and every one of us has a responsibility to ensure it is never allowed to fester in our society again.

"These repeated actions do serous harm to British Jews and to the British Labour Party".

His condemnation of antisemitism specifically was a change to his usual response to reports of antisemitism in Labour, which has been to reject it along with...

Corbyn responded yesterday with an open letter to both groups in which he recognised that anti-Semitism had surfaced within his party, apologised for the pain this had caused, and pledged to redouble his efforts to stamp it out.

Unlike Labour, the Conservative and SNP constitutions make no mention of racism or other forms of discrimination in their rule books, while the Liberal Democrats' membership code does not explicitly mention race, anti-Semitism or Islamophobia.

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